Reflection: Checks for Understanding Scale and Powers of Ten - Section 5: Debrief


Checking for understanding is a key task in the teacher task-list. Sometimes it is really obvious that a lesson has gone well--until you start reading the individual student responses! It is impossible to assess what all students have learned without gauging their thinking, and exit tickets are one good way to do this.

After the class, I will quickly review the exit tickets to check for understanding. By doing so, I will get a whole class perspective, but I will also be able to zero in on specific students who need additional teaching when most of the class shows understanding. In this way, I can measure the effectiveness of the lesson and can provide remediation to a few students or the whole class. I can uncover misconceptions, or feel confident that my intended objectives were achieved.

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Scale and Powers of Ten

Unit 1: Chemical and Physical Properties
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to relate scale to metric prefixes and the power of ten.

Big Idea: Scientists use instruments and metric units to quantify and understand the size of objects from huge to tiny.

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