Reflection: Rules and Consequences Ensuring Lab Safety - Section 2: Direct Instruction - Lab Safety Expectations and Classroom Equipment


It is important to stress to the students that lab safety is not a unit of study that will come and go, but rather to be engrained in the students' mindset once they walk into your classroom.  The more emphasis that you can place on lab behavior expectations in the beginning of the school year, the fewer issues/disruptions you will experience later on.  I suggest integrating the lab safety procedures into the beginning of every lab activity introduction throughout the year.  This way students are constantly reminded of the lab safety and remain on the lookout for any unsafe conditions that may occur in the classroom.

It is essential to review all lab safety expectations at the beginning of your course because your students may come from diverse middle schools where teachers may or may not have emphasized the need for lab safety during lab activities.

In my classroom, there is a no tolerance policy for unsafe behavior.  Students know from the very beginning that lab activities are meant to be a learning opportunity and need to be treated with respect.  If a student ignores lab safety procedures then he or she is removed from the lab activity so other students are not placed in danger.  This is also a topic that is briefly discussed at Back to School Night to convey a message of safety to the students' families.

  Lab Safety is #1
  Rules and Consequences: Lab Safety is #1
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Ensuring Lab Safety

Unit 1: Biology Essentials - Starting Your Year Off Right!
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Objective: SWBAT summarize proper lab safety precautions and identify safety equipment necessary to properly complete a lab activity.

Big Idea: Lab safety is the cornerstone of an effective lab-science classroom. This lesson will review proper lab safety procedures, identify available safety equipment in your classroom, and review the Lab Safety Contract.

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