Reflection: Vertical Alignment Place Value to Thousands - Section 1: Introduction


This lesson is usually more common in a first or second grade classroom, but I found there were students in my classroom did not demonstrate mastery and fluency with this particular standard prior to working on addition and subtraction with regrouping.  It was important not to skip over this skill, and I found it worthwhile to review rather than moving ahead to quickly.

The group of students was larger than I would work with in a small group, so I decided to present this as a whole group lesson and activity. Even though this lesson was not needed by all the students, I decided it was best to review it with the entire class.  I didn't want to single out specific students lacking with this skill at this point, but rather this lesson was to create an atmosphere and trust among the students working in partners in the wrap up section of the lesson.  This is what worked best for my class at this point in the school year, but it is also a lesson that could be presented in a small group or intervention.  

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Place Value to Thousands

Unit 8: Review for Testing
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Objective: SWBAT to read, write, and identify numbers through thousands.

Big Idea: This lesson addresses the foundational skill of place value through modeling.

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