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The stories came out better than I ever anticipated! The quality and quantity of the writing caught me by surprise and reminded me how much difference an engaging topic and real world experience can make. The students enjoyed every second of the mock archaeology dig and having the unexpected opportunity to keep the artifacts an extra day gave us the opportunity to take part in this writing experience. Although, it took a full evening to create this lesson plan and it meant pushing off others plans, it was well worth it. I have attached a few exemplars for your review. Happy reading!

  A Fitting Conclusion
  High Quality Task: A Fitting Conclusion
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My Life As an Artifact (or Fossil) – the Writing Process

Unit 2: Narrative Writing: Life Above & Below Ground
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Objective: Write a scene about an artifact or fossil explaining its origin, how it ended up buried, or what happened once it was excavated by an archaeologist from the point of view of a narrator, a character, or the item itself.

Big Idea: Look what I found! Make a story pop by writing from the point of view of a long lost artifact.

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