Reflection: Adjustments to Practice My Life As an Artifact (or Fossil) – the Planning Process - Section 3: Planning the Narrative


 In the past, I have had little opportunity to incorporate narrative writing into the 6th grade curriculum and was determined change that this year. I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the students’ response to this assignment. They were totally absorbed and their creativity exceeded my expectations. They eagerly shared their story plans with others at their table group and helped peers who were stuck with ways to round out their stories. I eagerly looked forward to our next class meeting, but this was Friday, which meant a three day wait.

  Adjustments to Practice: Success!
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My Life As an Artifact (or Fossil) – the Planning Process

Unit 2: Narrative Writing: Life Above & Below Ground
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Objective: Write a scene about an artifact or fossil explaining its origin, how it ended up buried, or what happened once it was excavated by an archaeologist from the point of view of a narrator, a character, or the item itself.

Big Idea: Plan a story & make it pop by writing from the point of view of a recently uncovered artifact and by including appropriate content area vocabulary.

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English / Language Arts, Writing Process, planning, narrative, narrative structure
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