Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Multiplication: Arrays and an Expanded Algorithm - Section 3: Group Exploration


The activity did not go as planned.  The students had a very hard time creating the area model.  If you plan to use this lesson, you may want to consider changing the multiplication problem in the task.  The grid paper is 22 by 16.  Therefore, the students would have to cut and glue the grid paper to make the area model for the current problem.  I had to get the students to use another form of modeling (arrays or groups) to represent the multiplication problem.

  A Change In Plan
  Adjustments to Practice: A Change In Plan
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Multiplication: Arrays and an Expanded Algorithm

Unit 12: Multiplying and Dividing
Lesson 13 of 23

Objective: SWBAT use an array and expanded algorithm to help solve multiplication problems.

Big Idea: Multiplication problems can be solved using different strategies.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , multiplication, multiplication models
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array and expanded algorithm
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