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This project can be modified in various ways to meet the needs and fit the limitations of various classrooms. The PSA final product can be "low-tech" such as a poster session or performance. The benefits of this approach is students present their information to their peers in "live time".  The final product can also utilize technology. In my class, students use tablets or their own devices to record audio and video or use online resources like Google Slides, YouTube, Narrable or VoiceThread to create their PSAs. The benefit of this approach is that students are able to utilize technology and create a collaborative compilation that I can post to our Web-site, use to educate parents and have on hand if students need a "refresher" on how to behave safely. When using technology for this project it is important to remind students that their projects must be "shareable" and review digital citizenship guidelines about use of protected resources.

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Science Safety Public Service Announcement

Unit 2: Engaging 21st Century Scientists
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Objective: SWBAT identify appropriate safety precautions for a science classroom and justify their importance during scientific investigation.

Big Idea: Scientists work in environments with inherent hazards that can lead to harm of person or equipment. Creating a culture that integrates safety practices minimizes the risk associated with scientific investigation.

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