Reflection: Accountability Folktale Two-Voice Poem - Section 3: Getting Down to Business


So, today is consequence day for the kids who did not do their reading yesterday.  Instead of creating a poem with a partner, they will be doing the "Retake" assignment.  You will notice that this assignment is not incredibly punitive. This is not about punishment necessarily, this is a lesson in natural consequences.  Namely, if you don't do the preparatory work, you don't get to participate in the activity.

The alternative assignment has the same instructional goal as the two-voice poem: students will just have to read a second folktale instead of collaborating with a classmate to do the comparing and contrasting.

This type of assignment is a real learning opportunity, and it speaks to my sense of fair play.  There is no need to punish, call home, or give a student an F.  They learn, on their own, that when you don't meet the expectations, there are consequences.

That's just life!

  Accountability: What about the kids who didn't do the prerequisite reading?
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Folktale Two-Voice Poem

Unit 18: Oral Literature: Introduction
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT produce a two-voice poem to compare and contrast two different folktales.

Big Idea: Comparing and contrasting through two-voice poems.

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