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Generally, students are great at identifying all of the things that can go wrong. Most students want to make a video about " don't explode things in the lab"!

If student struggle to identify scientific "accidents, catastrophes and problems", I have them take a silent "gallery walk" around the lab to observe different tools and equipment to help light their creative spark.  Looking at an eyewash and shower in the lab brings to mind all kinds of images of why students might need to use it! 

This strategy worked well with some of students with special needs. After taking our walk, this student wanted to make several movies!

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Science Safety Public Service Announcement

Unit 2: Engaging 21st Century Scientists
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Objective: SWBAT identify appropriate safety precautions for a science classroom and justify their importance during scientific investigation.

Big Idea: Scientists work in environments with inherent hazards that can lead to harm of person or equipment. Creating a culture that integrates safety practices minimizes the risk associated with scientific investigation.

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