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Remember, while students are working, we are not checking spelling or grammar.  The focus is to make a claim and support it with evidence from the story. It is also important to allow the students to discuss their idea.  Though it may be noisy, we are charged with building thinkers that can not only communicate their ideas, but listen to others in support and in order to revise thinking.  

Activities like this are building blocks for later. They help build trust and safety while building a learning community of people willing to ask questions, share thoughts, and own their work. 

  Let's Not Get in the Way!
  Safety: Let's Not Get in the Way!
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It's A Mystery: We Need Evidence!

Unit 1: Finding the Scientist Within
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: Students will be able to identify evidence to support and revise their claims.

Big Idea: Using literature and mystery is a wonderful way to engage children in the use of and importance of evidence when making a claim.

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