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There are many approaches to teaching students how to use matrices to solve systems. My approach to develop the most general method as possible. I will work with using inverses to solve the problem.

I know that for a linear equation of 2 variables. Cramer's rule is a quick method for finding x and y. But students do not usually understand why it works. Students also become confused when they set up the problem.

I want to develop the idea of using inverses to solve so that is the method I will develop in this lesson. With today's technology students can quickly use inverses to solve matrix equations.

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Use Matrices to Solve System of Equations

Unit 4: Matrices
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use matrices to solve system of equations.

Big Idea: By analyzing how to solve equations with inverses students will see how to use matrices to solve system of equations with many variables.

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