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Students shared their book talks over the course of the week.  It was an oral presentation that allowed students to talk off of their essay or to read their essay.  All students were successful with this strategy of presenting to a small group.  The quality of the written essay varied- but I supported some students by helping them come up with three reasons why someone should read their book.  It was really quite easy for students to think of why their book was good.   Emergent readers said reasons such as it is exciting, funny, has good illustrations, etc.  Since this is the beginning of the year, their was a range of ability in supporting their reasons using evidence from the text, but this activity was not so much about this skill.  I will be teaching this later in the year in a unit designed specifically to teach students to write expository essays.  This activity was to develop the classroom community through sharing of good books.  I added the writing to add structure to their presentations and supported students who struggled with the writing aspect.  It was hard for a few students to share in front of a small group, but I addressed that by announcing who would be sharing each day and letting students choose which book talk they attended as long as each of the groups were even.  The students were so kind and caring, if they saw a classmate with only a few students seated to hear their talk many of the students changed groups so that everyone felt supported and liked.  This helped the shy students talk because students choose to listen to their friends.  They were encouraging and supportive.  It was early in the year and the 4 corners strategy was new to many students and very exciting for them to get out of their seats and have a new experience.  They loved signing up to present because it was low stress and viewed as fun.  They wrote their essay to support what they wanted to share in their presentation so they didn't fret or resist too much.  It was a great activity that I will use more.

  Diverse Entry Points: Student Presentations
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Promoting "Best-Sellers": Creating a Culture of Readers

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
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Objective: Students will be able to prepare and present a book talk to persuade their classmates to read the book.

Big Idea: Students present book talks using 4 corners structure.

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