Reflection: Accountability Sentence Analysis and Stories - Section 4: Closure


Sharing the titles is a fun and very easy way to get creative minds thinking. Additionally, it gives the child who may not be proud of their writing ability, or is always reluctant to share what they've created, a way to participate and feel pride about what they've done. For this reason, even if the student doesn't choose to read their story to the class, I read the title so the kids can speculate about its contents. In today's lesson, Fight of the Villagers is the perfect example.  Most kids couldn't wait to share what they'd written, but the author of that particular story was adament about not reading it outloud.  He didn't relent, despite excitement and speculation about what it was about, but felt quite proud about the interest shown from his classmates. It just goes to show that TITLES MATTER!

  Titles Matter!
  Accountability: Titles Matter!
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Sentence Analysis and Stories

Unit 12: Creative Writing Fun
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT read a nonfiction passage, analyze the sentences, and write a creative story that includes provided story structure words.

Big Idea: Themed passages have deep meaning when

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