Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Those Negative Numbers - Section 2: Activity 1


Some suggestions about talking and writing “signed numbers”:  

  1. I always use, and have students use, the terms positive number and negative number instead of plus or minus.

  2. I try to use the word subtraction instead of minus to refer to the operation of taking away a quantity from another quantity. This is to help students distinguish between the two different meanings of the "minus" sign.

  3. We know that the minus sign (“-”) is used both as a sign of subtraction, the operation, and as a sign indicating a negative number. I like to use, and I motivate students to use in their writing, a superscript negative sign (and positive sign) to distinguish it from the subtraction sign (“-5” or “+5”)

  Terms for signed numbers
  Adjustments to Practice: Terms for signed numbers
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Those Negative Numbers

Unit 1: Number Sense
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT review addition and subtraction of positive and negative integers

Big Idea: Through well thought out questions and engaging activities, students can revisit handling operations with signed numbers

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Math, Integers, Numbers and Operations, addition and subtraction or rational numbers, signed number operations, positive and negative numbers, numeracy
  60 minutes
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