Reflection: Pre-Tests Elements of Literature Pre-test - Section 2: Assessing Students Understanding of Literary Terms


Student Concerns

To successfully give a pretest, you must address student concerns. They usually freak out when you tell them that they will be taking a pretest and must be reassured that this test will not count against them.


What Type of Pretest Should I Give?

I chose to give a simple definition test for this pretest rather than a more writing intensive pretest for two reasons. One is that a definition pretest is quicker to grade, and sometimes, that's an important thing for teachers.  I knew that the week after I gave this pretest, I would have Open House and more intensive lessons to plan.  I needed to give my time to those items, rather than reading a hundred paragraphs.   Second, I needed to know if students knew the definitions themselves.  I needed to know if they could actually define or come up with the term for a particular definition before we moved into application.  A term/definition pretest allowed me to collect data quickly and effectively.

  Pretests and Formative Assessment
  Pre-Tests: Pretests and Formative Assessment
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Elements of Literature Pre-test

Unit 2: Analyzing Literature with Gary Soto’s Seventh Grade
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Objective: Students will be able to define and analyze elements of literature by taking a pretest.

Big Idea: Rather than wasting precious instructional time, pretests allow you to focus on students needs to keep instructional time productive.

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