Reflection: Checks for Understanding Poetry Analysis - Gallery Walk - Section 1: Anticipatory Set


I am always looking for "lightbulb moments" in my classroom. I explain this process to the students when we first talk about the climax of a story, as this is a moment of clarity when a person or character is able to see something in a new perspective or learns something that changes their path in some way. In the classroom, "lightbulb moments" do much the same thing, but I need to be paying careful attention to see them happening sometimes. These moments manifest themselves differently in each student, but can be seen in any. The more I know my kids, the easier it becomes for me to see these moments as they happen, giving me a good indicator of just what and how much my students know are are able to do. They make for fantastic informal checks for understanding, to be used in conjunction with formal checks. 

  Light Bulb Moments & What They Tell Me
  Checks for Understanding: Light Bulb Moments & What They Tell Me
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Poetry Analysis - Gallery Walk

Unit 2: Poetry
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: Students will work in teams as they rotate through stations and analyze 6 different poems.

Big Idea: What's This Poem Really About?

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