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I am often asked why I use this method so often, and I am always happy to talk about it! As a student, I rarely if ever felt as though I had much choice in my educational experiences. This was ok for me because I was always pretty self-motivated to learn anyway. What I recognized in those classes, however, is that many kids simply checked out. This was one of the factors that drove me to my choice to teach. 

In my classroom, I know that all kids have different backgrounds, experiences, needs, and interests, just to name a few, and so I like to include elements of choice as often as possible. I find that the quality of student work is much better when they are able to choose. Sometimes, I am extremely strategic in the order in which I place these potential choices, which ensures I will still get what I want, but allowing them choice still as well. Other times, I leave it completely to them to do what best suits their wants and needs. My deciding factor is always based on how well each of the options would potentially demonstrate mastery of a desired skill or set of skills. If all options are reasonably equal in demonstrating mastery, I do not worry much about the order of choices. If some options are more valuable or demonstrative than others, then I am much more strategic about placement. 

Regardless, I find the students really appreciate the opportunity to make choices regarding their own education, rather than simply being dictated to all of the time.

  Why I Love Tic-Tac-Toes
  Student Ownership: Why I Love Tic-Tac-Toes
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Poetry Slam Preparation

Unit 2: Poetry
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: Students will practice reading and performing their poems in preparation for the class Poetry Slam.

Big Idea: How Does That Sound?

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