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I started with the powerpoint of shoes, because my student have very rich emotional lives and understand a lot and can read pictures very well.  I wanted them to make the connection between what they saw and what they were feeling with the different kinds of shoes.  Students were very successful with inferring and citing supporting evidence for their theories about the shoes.  Now, to bring that kind of thinking forward into this lesson was the point.

Nuances of language- especially verbs and adjectives- in novels can create barriers for my students when post-iting about characters' feelings, the emotional tone of the passage, and drawing inferences.  For instance, as I analyze passages in books at the 4th and 5th grade level, phrases such as this appear:  

Mrs. Wentworth's plumpish face was a pink as a boiled ham. "I'm simply scandalized!"...Mrs. Wentworth waggled her head.

Mature readers know right away how to feel about this character.  How do we know that she is a busy body and not a character we like all that much?  Because of these words:  pinkish face, boiled ham, using terms like..I'm scandalized!  waggling her head... but for an ELL student or resource student words like these do not carry the same connotation. Words that carry these kinds of connotations need to be explained to student.  I remember reading aloud Molly Moon and the author describes her skin mottled like spam.  I brought in a can of spam and explained what it looks like and that it is a cheap type of protein and not thought of as super attractive.  It is these kinds of things that kids with limited vocabularies miss- the subtlies- the deliciously complex and understated meanings.



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  Gradual Release: Building on Prior Knowledge
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Make a Movie in Your Mind

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Objective: SWBAT use their feelings to connect to and describe what they are visualizing as they read.

Big Idea: And...Action! Make a feelings video clip in your mind!

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