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As I observed my students retell the I. P.I.C.K. strategy, I noticed that the resource students and some of the ELL students had a hard time with remembering what each letter stood for.  I think they understood the concepts, but it taxed their short-term memory to list them one after another.  I made a small hand and wrote each of the letters and what they stood for and attached it to their desk.  That way I could have them review what each letter stood for when they were ready to pick a new book.  This will also support students who intentionally pick books they know are too hard for them, but they do not want to choose the easier level books.  The sooner students understand the improtance of reading in books they can actually read, the quicker they will make progress.  Another support for students who need to read lots of lower level books is to help them create a plan of books they will read on a "Laddering Form".  This will support them in having a short stack of books on their desk that are all at the appropriate reading level.

  Students with Disabilities: Repeated Practice
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Just Right Books

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
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Objective: Students will use the "I PICK" strategy to choose their own books from classroom library

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