Reflection: Advanced Students In a Heartbeat! Connecting Informational Text to Multistep Word Problems - Section 2: The Human Heart: Using informational text and solving word problems


I think that iTunes U is a great tool for differentiation and I saw it really take off with this lesson. Students were able to work quite independently which freed me up to coach students. There was not a moment that students weren't engaged in the reading and note taking. This is the first time I have developed an iTunes U for math and could see how this met needs of my students exactly how I had hoped.


  Differentiation at its best.
  Advanced Students: Differentiation at its best.
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In a Heartbeat! Connecting Informational Text to Multistep Word Problems

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 14 of 21

Objective: SWBAT glean mathematical data from informational text to solve multi-step word problems, compare and interpret data and create a graph.

Big Idea: Students explore two articles about hearts to solve word problems, develop their critical thinking while graphing, choosing recipes and having a lot of fun!

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