Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Grade level Mentor Text for Envisioning - Section 3: Independent Reading


Using the slides from the powerpoint was very effective to help my students both picture the words the author used (green bean teepees and tomato cages) and understanding exactly what picturing the scene means  in the mentor text.   Once I showed the slides kids became very excited and were sighing oh- know I know what they are..yah, I've seen those...etc.  I knew envisioning was something that was going to be an obstacle for some students.  I am happy with the effectiveness of the slides to build background knowledge.

While I was conferring with students during independent reading I saw 4 kinds of post-its.  Those that accurately describe "What I'm Learning Post-Its", students who were retelling events- their post-its were more of a summary not a descriptive snapshot of a scene, students who were capturing just basic facts such as who and what-written in very simple language such as character name and an activity, and those who did not write any post-its.  I will continue to scaffold the post-iting strategy.  Most did not have a post-it about what they were learning about the character.  I will have to explicitly teach how to make this kind of inference in future lessons.

  Diverse Entry Points: Supporting Students
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Grade level Mentor Text for Envisioning

Unit 5: Using Mentor Texts
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Objective: SWBAT listen to read aloud and learn the art of envisonment and then apply the strategy in their just right books.

Big Idea: Students practice synthesizing across scenes in their books to demonstrate their skills of envisioning.

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