Reflection: Trust and Respect Getting to Know You Bags - Section 2: Creating Your Community


If you have seen the video you'll see that I had to remind one of my students to look at the rest of the class in the eye when speaking.  You will find that for some students speaking to others can be a scary experience at first. 

I have had students with speech problems that are afraid to speak because they may say funny to their peers, or they are afraid of speaking a sentence improperly.  I have also had students that are first learning how to speak English and don't want to utter a sound for fear of "getting it wrong" or looking stupid in front of their peers. 

It's times like these that I turn into huge victories for students such as these.  When students are afraid to speak I will scaffold, sometimes having to say the sentence first and then have the student repeat after me.  I also make the other students aware of their classmates fears in such a way as to not make anyone feel foolish.  Once students understand how their peers are feeling they want to help.  For even the smallest successes we make a big deal out of it and cheer for the students who struggle.  We will do silly cheers, chants and dances when we have a success in our classroom and  every student, especially struggling students start to beam with pride.  You will be surprised how empathetic and helpful students can be once they are made aware of others struggles.  The smallest bits of encouragement make all the difference for students to start to feel safe and respected in the classroom.

  Creating a Culture of Respect
  Trust and Respect: Creating a Culture of Respect
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Getting to Know You Bags

Unit 10: Speaking and Listening Lessons
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT talk about themselves, speaking in complete sentences as they discuss what they've brought in their "Getting to Know You Bag".

Big Idea: It is very important to build a class community where all students feel valued and safe. This activity will do just that and you will address the Common Core speaking and listening standards.

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English / Language Arts, Comprehension: Listening and Viewing, Speaking and Listening, Classroom Community, Beginning of the Year
  75 minutes
getting to know you
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