Reflection: Student Ownership Presenting Findings - Section 2: Presenting Ideas to Classmates


When students began to divide themselves into groups for the presentations one of the groups was comprised of three students who have trouble speaking in public.  Rather than ask them to try to stand up in front of the class, I encouraged them to make a video presentation that they could then play in front of the class.  They were relieved with this option and the video below is the result. 

Quite often as teacher we have good reason for choosing a particular assessment or outcome, we're looking for competent demonstrations of particular skills and abilities and we need a unified process to make this happen.  However, it's also important to remember that students have particular strengths and weaknesses that they must contend with when attempting to demonstrate their competencies. By allowing students to play to those strengths we are still assessing skills, will providing them a choice to demonstrate those skills. 

  Diversity in Presentations
  Student Ownership: Diversity in Presentations
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Presenting Findings

Unit 4: Bias and Accuracy in Historical Movies: Argo
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT explain their research about an historical film to their classmates.

Big Idea: How do we talk about bias in film?

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English / Language Arts, Digital Media, news sources, presentation, Argo, film, bias, historical accuracy
  45 minutes
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