Reflection: Lesson Planning Introduction to Accountable Talk With "Big Anthony and the Magic Ring" - Section 1: Teacher Background Knowledge and Preparation


     I have never been formally trained on the backwards planning model, however I've learned enough about it on my own to know it's a system that makes sense for both the teacher and student.  I said to myself, "What do I want my students to be able to do?"  This is when I looked at my standards.  Then I said to myself, " How am I going to assess and find evidence of student understanding?" For the purposes of this lesson I knew that I would assess by listening to what my students were saying and what questions that they were asking of each other because this lesson was an introduction to accountable talk.  Finally, I said to myself, "What activities and materials am I going to design that fit my assessments and get my students to achieve  the learning goals?" This is what I was thinking when I designed the accountable talk necklaces. My necklaces aren't fancy either.  All you have to do is punch holes in both speaker and listener cards and string them together using yarn.  Kids now have a necklace.

     If you look closely at those stem cards you'll see that the speaker needs to not only tell their partner what they think, but also to use evidence from the text and illustrations while speaking in complete sentences.  I designed these stems to fit into the lesson and structured the speaking in a way that I knew students would address the standards listed in this lesson.

     I also designed the stem cards to address listening standards.  When its the students turn to listen, they need to look and listen carefully to their partner and then respond to their partner.  They will be asking their partner why they think what they do, and ask for evidence if the speaker doesn't provide evidence.  I was thinking about the standards again when I designed the cards for the listener as well.  

     I used our necklaces for several lessons in the beginning of the year.  Once students became more familiar with what was expected of them we talking to a partner, I weened them off the necklaces.  Talking became much more natural and became second nature to them and we didn't need our necklaces anymore, but these were great tools to use as we set up our speaking and listening routines.


  Backwards Planning Model
  Lesson Planning: Backwards Planning Model
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Introduction to Accountable Talk With "Big Anthony and the Magic Ring"

Unit 10: Speaking and Listening Lessons
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT participate in conversations with diverse partners, follow agreed upon rules for discussion, build on their partners talk through several exchanges, ask questions about key details in the story, and clarify ideas that aren't understood.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students will take a more active role in their learning by discussing a read aloud with their partners. The teacher will become more of a facilitator in the lesson and allow the children to "wrangle" with the content.

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