Reflection: Unit Exams Game Day: Analyzing Text Structure PART II - Section 1: Pre-Game Pep Rally


This is part II of an assessment that we began two days ago.  I realized that students needed more practice analyzing the structure of more complex texts.  Therefore, we stopped taking the test halfway through, and I spent two days re-teaching with a new strategy (using post-it notes to chunk complex text into smaller sections & record your thinking).  Therefore, today we finish the test that we stopped a few days ago.  The test is exactly the same, I never gave students the answers to the test, I simply stopped them, collected the test and did some re-teaching for a few days.  Therefore, event though students have seen the test before, it will still measure the extent to which they've mastered the skill since they did not receive any answers.   

  Part II
  Unit Exams: Part II
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Game Day: Analyzing Text Structure PART II

Unit 3: Give It All You've Got - Part II
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate mastery of analyzing text structure on the second half of an assessment.

Big Idea: It's GAME DAY - Bring it!

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English / Language Arts, main idea, text, supporting details, topic
  90 minutes
game day
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