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In this lesson, students really get to show ownership over their writing and support for other peer writers. They get a chance to share information that might help their peers write stronger pieces and they also get to interview who they want and ask specific questions. 

At first, students talk to their partners or table groups. Then they ask their closest friends in class the same sorts of questions. Finally, the stronger writers realize that they may need to ask an unlikely peer questions for their research. They then collect all of this information and really feel like they have done significant work. They are also more engaged in supporting their writing with evidence.

  Best Information from Peers
  Student Ownership: Best Information from Peers
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Looking Elsewhere: Collecting Data from Other Sources

Unit 7: Opinions in Writing
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT interview other students to collect support for their essays.

Big Idea: Sometimes, other people can provide information or stories that help a writing support their thesis in a stronger way.

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