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Before the Common Core State Standards, I rarely would have given students a chance to fully develop an opinion piece. They might write a letter to a company or legislator based on a specific issue. If there was a school newpaper for them to participate in then they would also get the chance to write an opinion piece. Finally, they might also write an opinion piece for responding to a book or recommending it to a friend. But they never had to go through the entire writing process, nor develop their own ideas and thesis.

This particular genre of writing could be very successful for 4th grade students. They know how to argue, they often time support their ideas with convincing reasons, and they want to write with purpose. I'm glad this this part of the CCSS now.

  I Always Knew You Could Argue
  Standards Alignment: I Always Knew You Could Argue
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What the Point? Stating the Thesis

Unit 7: Opinions in Writing
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT craft a big idea or thesis from their brainstormed list.

Big Idea: Before a student can prepare for drafting, they need to create a thesis or a big idea.

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