Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Pause for the Cause: Don Sterling discussion and order of location in The Odyssey - Section 1: Do Now: Current Events that Relate to Crossing Boundaries Theme


Most of the students felt like the NBA should have taken a stand much sooner and that the Clippers basketball team should not have played any games until this situation was resolved. Overall, students recognized that basketball is a money maker, and we began to discuss why the team decided to play after those comments. My students also felt that Don Sterling was probably suffering from dementia because he contradicted himself quite a bit in the recording. Some students also commented that he probably thinks this way because of how he was raised and the time period in which he grew up. This was not an excuse for his behavior, but they were really making a conscious effort of trying to understand him.

  Reflecting on the Discussion about Don Sterling's Rant
  Discourse and Questioning: Reflecting on the Discussion about Don Sterling's Rant
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Pause for the Cause: Don Sterling discussion and order of location in The Odyssey

Unit 16: Crossing Boundaries: The Odyssey
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze an account told in different mediums by reading an article about Don Sterling and listening to an audio recording; SWBAT summarize a text by taking notes for an order of location paragraph.

Big Idea: Hitting the pause button for a moment to discuss a current topic in the news before continuing our reading of the Odyssey

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