Reflection: Intervention and Extension UH OH Something is Not Right: Monitoring My Reading Strategy - Section 5: Working Together to Get it Right:


Some students are not quite ready to use this strategy. Your emergent readers are still trying to figure out and practice accuracy or fluency strategies. Ask them to monitor and choose might be too much and seem overwhelming.

To get around this I just use this as an opening and introductory lesson. As students are reading together, I walk to listen to these students read. I simply tell them to work on showing their partner when they would use the strategy they have been working on. If they don't have a specific strategy to practice, I would ask them to focus on one in particular and show their partner how they would use it. This narrows the expectation to a specific task and allows the reader to focus on a skill they can handle and actually practice. 

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UH OH Something is Not Right: Monitoring My Reading Strategy

Unit 1: Reading Strategies: Beginning of the Year
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Objective: SWBAT monitor while they read to help them be more fluent and comprehensive readers. Students will need to choose a strategy to help them when they realize something is wrong.

Big Idea: UH OH something is wrong! Monitoring is a strategy that students do when they realize something is not right. Many get in the habit of skipping it, but they need to realize it's important to stop and fix it by using a reading strategy.

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