Reflection: High Expectations Jumping into Math, Measurement, & Data Day 1 - Section 3: Jumping and Measuring


During the jumping activity, there was one group of students with many differing opinions and strong personalities.  This required some additional classroom management during the activity to keep all students on track, participating equally, and taking responsibility for their actions.  Some of the students wanted to take sole ownership of a particular job without rotating through each different role.  

However, the other group of students successfully rotated through the different responsibilities of being a measurer or leveling the sand, and I used the strengths and success of this group to model for the other group the expectations.  During this time, I was very purposeful about having the students verbalize what they needed to do next for the group of students watching their process.  This provided me the opportunity to reinforce what other students were saying rather than giving out repeated instructions.  My expectations were stated by the students rather than me. 

It was important for me to pause the activity so that all students participated the math activity of taking measurements for the jumps and not just the physical activity. 

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  High Expectations: Student Participation
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Jumping into Math, Measurement, & Data Day 1

Unit 9: Measurement
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT take and record accurate measurements to quarter inches using a tape measure.

Big Idea: Students apply measurement, graphing, and data skills to the real world context of physical education with standing jumps.

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