Reflection: Flexibility Checkerboard Squares Day 1 of 6 - Section 2: Exploration


If the tech breaks down, as mine did, your best bet is a wet erase marker on a white board. I drew an 8 by 8 checkerboard on the white board with a vis-a-vis pen. Then we can use dry erase pens to highlight different sizes and counting strategies on the bo

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Checkerboard Squares Day 1 of 6

Unit 2: Writing expressions
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use the formula for the area of a square to find the number of single squares on a checkerboard and to look for patterns of regularity to find additional possible squares.

Big Idea: Students will begin to notice patterns of regularity in the checkerboard that they can use to determine the number of squares.

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Math, tables of values, Expressions (Algebra), area of rectangle, pattern
  45 minutes
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