Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Speaking, Listening, and Writing Comparing Sentences - Section 3: Independent Practice With Partners


There are many things to take note of in the video clip in this section.  You can see that two of my students wrote, "Both Cendrillion and Adelita both ..." Looking at this clip again I can see that I missed a teaching opportunity here.  I read the student's sentence myself and said, "That doesn't make sense, fix it."   I should have said, "Read your sentence again please." I've been teaching the re-reading strategy in reading and phonics to my students all year long.  I should have had my students practice this skill to see if they could catch their own mistakes.  Since we practice speaking so much in class and since they've been learning how to read for meaning, they should have caught the mistake themselves.

I caught another student's mistake and pointed out the misuse of proper nouns.  I should have said, "What is a proper noun?  What do you know about proper nouns? Do you have any proper nouns in your sentence?" I should have seen if he could catch his own mistake.

By analyzing my teaching by watching these videos I see where I can improve my teaching.  I want to make sure my students are integrating as many skills as possible in their learning.  I don't want them thinking that they need to be dependent on me to help them fix their writing and grammar.  I've seen that I'm not perfect and that there's always something I can improve upon when teaching a lesson.

  Analyzing My Teaching by Videotaping the Lesson
  Adjustments to Practice: Analyzing My Teaching by Videotaping the Lesson
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Speaking, Listening, and Writing Comparing Sentences

Unit 11: Comparing, Contrasting, and Determining Theme in Multicultural Cinderella Stories
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use the information from their double bubble map in order to write comparing sentences.

Big Idea: Today we are going to be looking at the structure of both stories to determine how our two stories are the same.

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