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During our science curriculum review, my district has decided to frame our curriculum around the eight science and engineering practices found in NGSS.  This is the first lesson in an introductory unit designed to assess student understanding in those eight areas as well as provide a refresher.  

As I was making a sandwich for lunch one day I started to wonder what makes something count as a sandwich anyway?  Who decides such things?  I thought to myself, this is something that 8th graders can discuss in a way that will allow me to see how well they are able to support their claims with evidence and reasoning, perfect for a lesson during the first days of school.

As always, I started my planning with a Google search and I came across an article entitled What Is A Sandwich? The NY State Dept. Of Taxation Enlightens Us that I found interesting.  After reading this article and based on my experience with eighth graders, I know this is something they would really get into.  All students are familiar with sandwiches and will be able to offer a lot of opinions on this topic.  During this lesson I am less concerned with the type of evidence students offer than I am with their ability to make a claim and support it.  As the introductory lesson, I am trying to gauge where students are at in their ability to defend an argument or opinion and communicate in a respectful manner.

  A bit of background
  Lesson Planning: A bit of background
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What is a Sandwich?

Unit 2: Introduction to Science and Engineering Practices
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT construct a working explanation of what constitutes a sandwich and support/refute arguments with reasoning.

Big Idea: Students identify what makes a sandwich a sandwich to practice argumentation based on evidence.

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Science, Science Skills, experimental evidence, experimental design, argumentation based on evidence
  45 minutes
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