Reflection: Transitions The Rope Tug: Performance Day - Section 4: Show Time


A couple of things to remember when teaching this lesson is to make arrangements ahead of time with the other teachers and office staff for your students to perform, and to give them reminders that your group will be visiting at the arranged time.  Also, make arrangements for your students to stay in those classrooms until you return.  I have also found it is best to accompany the group performing in the office, because there is usually something going on in there and students may have to wait a little before they can perform.

As many times as I have taught this lesson, where my students have performed in other classrooms, I am always surprised by how nervous they are performing.  When I ask them why, the response usually has to do with reading in front of other children, which has patiently been explained to me, by First graders, that it is not the same as reading in front of kids in their own class.

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The Rope Tug: Performance Day

Unit 7: Drama
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Objective: SWBAT collaborate to read a play with grade level fluency; SWBAT retell the story.

Big Idea: It’s show time! Students will put all their learned performing skills into play when they perform in front of a live audience.

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