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As mentioned in other reflections, I have taught this lesson before; however, this time around I have been more aware of its potential to impact student experience and learning in so many ways.  This year I chose to teach it differently in light of the new CCSS.  Here’s how: in the past I taught this lesson as a fun lesson where my students got to do art, which is still a big part of this unit and lesson.  However, this year after reviewing the CCRAS I realized that this play, or any play, opens itself up to many possibilities for giving students opportunities to interact with each other in the area of speaking and listening, develop fluency, and increase comprehension.  I have also found through teaching this series of lessons that my students are able to give and take constructive feedback- something I never would have done in the past.

  Adjustments to Practice: Communication
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The Rope Tug: Dress Rehearsal

Unit 7: Drama
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT work in their groups to practice their play parts in front of an audience in order to give and receive constructive feedback.

Big Idea: In this lesson your students will gain experience giving and taking constructive feedback.

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