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One aspect of Common Core is to let students develop their own conclusions and take ownership for their learning.  After reviewing my notes from my personal reflection journal, one thing I noticed is that I did a lot of talking in this lesson and straight out told my students the answers, or explained the ideas, without giving my students the opportunity to think about or come to their own conclusions.  Giving students more of a chance to do the hard thinking work is an easy thing to do, and I just have to remember to do it!  Through this project I am learning that my students are much more capable then I allow them to be.

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The Rope Tug: Initial Reading

Unit 7: Drama
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the distinguishing characteristics of plays and identify the characters, the narrator, and the central message in the play.

Big Idea: Wide reading includes plays, where your students will learn who the characters are and who the narrator is.

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the places plays will take
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