Reflection: Student Ownership Persuade Me..."TIME for Kids" Reading Ideas - Section 1: Warm Up


The idea dawned on me as we read the magazine one day.  I began the "TIME for Kids" session, by grouping them in threes, rather than whole group the way we usually do it to mix things up.  Once I'd picked sticks and put them into groups, I knew there were unhappy students who didn't like where they'd "landed."  As they sat around the room and read, it occurred to me that I'd never asked their opinion on the matter, and it might be interesting to see just which method of reading the "TIME for Kids" magazines they liked the best.

  Reflecting on Practice
  Student Ownership: Reflecting on Practice
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Persuade Me..."TIME for Kids" Reading Ideas

Unit 10: Persuasion: Telling you like it is
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: TSWBAT write a paper persuading me to alter the way we read the "TIME for Kids" weekly magazines.

Big Idea: Lots of opinions...I'm listening!

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