Reflection: Lesson Planning Developing and Organizing a Reader's Notebook - Section 2: Mini-lesson


The original analogy I came up with as a lesson opener was- "Your reading response notebook is to your mind as food is to your body" was not effective.  I spent entirely too much time on the beginning of the lesson.  I videoed the mini-lesson and it was 12 minutes long- so it wasn't the length that was the problem is was that the focus was on the wrong part of the lesson.  I needed to have kids generating ideas as to why their RRN is important. Most of the lesson was concentrated on the analogy instead of teaching how to organize their post-its on the page and why- and how to write a heading for each page and why.

I've added a little snippet of the end of the lesson.  I retaught it the next day and included a video clip of the mini-lesson. I started with a different connection which was, "Your reading response notebook is like gold" at the beginning and quickly moved to the heart of the lesson.

  Lesson Planning: Focusing Students of the heart of the lesson
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Developing and Organizing a Reader's Notebook

Unit 3: Skills and Strategies
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT daily organize their post-its in their Reading Response Notebook.

Big Idea: Students will set up their reflective and evidence based journal of their reading called a Readers Response Notebook.

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