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Teachable moments are those times when a lesson takes off in an unexpected direction. Student engagement is at its highest because it is their connection to the topic at hand that sets the direction of the discussion. Taking advantage of a teachable moment meant that the class did not get to begin the summary writing activity I had planned, but in the end it was worth the time. They seemed genuinely surprised that I had taken the time to search out a topic that had come up in the previous day’s lesson that they had found intriguing. The resource I found was an engaging video that I realized would work well as an introduction to summary writing. For specific details, take a look at the video!

  What is a teachable moment?
  Lesson Planning: What is a teachable moment?
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What Makes a Good Summary?

Unit 3: Nonfiction Part I
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: Identify the main idea and important details in order to write a summary.

Big Idea: Use an interest-generating video to get students thinking about what makes a good summary.

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