Reflection: Solving Linear Inequalities: Addition and Subtraction - Section 4: Closure


What I was looking for in this closing activity was two fold.  First, I wanted to see if students could mathematize this situation.  When I think about this first goal there are really two components.  First, can students represent the situation mathematically and second can they make sense of their solution in terms of the original question.  As you can see from the student work, the first student was able to write an inequality for the situation and then erased the decimal on their answer because they realized that you can't go on .57 rides.  The second student represented the equation correctly but not the solution and the third student had trouble representing the situation.


The second, less important goal, was to determine if students could solve an inequality.  I would also have preferred to see students check their work in the original inequality but this task was somewhat rushed near the end of the period.  That said, the first and second students showed that they could solve the inequality accurately while the third had some trouble getting started.  


My choice in the next class will be either (1) Help students with algebraic representations (mathematizing a situation) or (2) work on the basics of solving inequalities for those that need it.  Given this choice, I would opt for choice (1) because I feel that this skill transcends this particular topic and could be applied in many other units.  The skill of solving an inequality will come eventually.

  Closing Reflection
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Solving Linear Inequalities: Addition and Subtraction

Unit 9: Understanding Equations
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT solve linear inequalities, write the solution set, and graph the solution

Big Idea: The properties of algebra used to simplify an inequality are similar to those used to simplify an equation.

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Math, Algebra, inequality, equation, Commutative, Associative, distributive property, expressions, equation
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