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Calendar covers a multitude of standards in a short amount of time. According to my state's social studies standards, I am required to teach the months of the year, and days of the week. So the calendar is an easy way to get those standards in, and continually practice them using the calendar as our tool.

In addition, there are many elements of Common Core math standards covered within this time. Students are connecting counting to cardinality, and working within numbers and operations in base ten, just to name a few. Students will not be successful in areas such as counting and skip counting unless they have daily, repetitive practice. Calendar time allows me to work on these skills with my students, without taking time out of my actual math block.

Within these 15 minutes, students are actively engaged. Time well spent!


  Why Calendar is Important
  Relevance: Why Calendar is Important
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Calendar Routine

Unit 6: First Week of Kindergarten
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to practice math skills daily using a calendar, such as counting and place value.

Big Idea: This lesson highlights my calendar routine. Calendar time incorporates many math concepts, and is completed daily outside of my math block.

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