Reflection: Trust and Respect Two Games for Practicing Fluency & Dividing 3 -4 Digit Dividends Against 1 Digit Divisors - Section 2: Practicing 3 by 1 and 4 by 1 digit division practice. Finding the greatest quotient game


These games helped students work together to support each other's learning. They played together and watched each other solve problems while checking each other for accuracy. The conversations I heard between them about dividing were revealing because any confusion they had could not go unnoticed. That was awesome! I comment on this a little further in this small clip. Understanding Revealed

After I got home in the evening, I was thinking about those who had struggled with division today. I decided to put together a very informal Educreations Video to help them review how to divide 2,3,& 4 digit division problems. I sent them to those students via email. This also would help parents understand "Box Method" . It's a long video, but you can see how this type of response to intervention is quite helpful.

  Trust and Respect: Understanding Revealed To Me
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Two Games for Practicing Fluency & Dividing 3 -4 Digit Dividends Against 1 Digit Divisors

Unit 9: Division Unit
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Objective: SWBAT divide 3 & 4 digit whole numbers by 1 digit using the rectangular section method.

Big Idea: Through games, students expand their fluency skills using the 4 operations and expand their dividing skills using the rectangular sections method .

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