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It seems as though I do a lot of discussing in my classroom.  We discuss strategies, we share thinking of how we solved problems, we offer feedback to others, we do number talks, and the list goes on.  I think every lesson has some form of discussion in it.  Is that a bad thing?  Not at all.  One of the big pushes of Common Core in their writing of the Mathematical Practice Standards was to put emphasis on classroom discourse and questioning.  Thinking out loud is a great way to get students learning juices flowing.  Now, if you were to have a discussion about math all day long, it would not be very useful as you would quickly loose the interest of students and the teacher for that matter.  But it small, meaningful doses, discussion is a powerful tool. 

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  Discourse and Questioning: Classroom Discussion
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Adding/Subtracting Fractions Game

Unit 4: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Lesson 14 of 17

Objective: The students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of adding and subtracting fractions using models.

Big Idea: No fair, he has more than me!

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Math, Fractions, mixed numbers
  60 minutes
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