Reflection: Continuous Assessment Solving Equations - Section 4: Independent Practice


You can see from the student work that the students were doing a nice job with being able to solve the same equation in a variety of ways.  By doing this activity, I saw the students start to make some connections as they were seeing that no matter how they started to solve the equation the solution would end up the same.  Much of students success in algebra is being able to look beyond the step that they are currently on.  We want them to be able to anticipate what moves they will need to make in order to isolate the variable.  This activity let the students get good at anticipating these moves and striving for accuracy in the process.

  Continuous Assessment: Supporting the development of Math Practice 6
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Solving Equations

Unit 9: Understanding Equations
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT verify that the solutions to an equation are not changed when the properties of algebra are applied to write the equation in a simpler form..

Big Idea: Using algebraic procedures correctly, it is possible to maintain the equivalence between two expressions while simplifying the equation that describes their relationship.

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Math, solving equations, Algebra, Commutative, Associative, distributive property, equivalence, equation
  40 minutes
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