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Dad’s Worksheets is a pretty awesome resource.  For one thing, it is completely free.  And for another thing, it is very well laid out.  Now, it is a lot of skill and drill.  Dad doesn’t promote too much task based learning but the website serves its purpose.  It’s a quick and easy way to find a skills practice worksheet. 

The part of his website I really enjoyed is where he outlines strategies for learning multiplication tables.  The logical progression to mastering multiplication facts with products under 100 is pretty straight forward.  I only wish his Spaceship math sheets utilized the same thought process outlined his steps to learning the times tables.  Great resource overall!

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Fractions on Number Line Task

Unit 4: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: The student will be able to use a number line with fractions to solve real world problems.

Big Idea: There’s light at the top of the well!

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