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I think it might be worth hanging onto the discussion chart of ideas that we created. There are some situations with the writing process that I think may come up as the students begin to formally write. The books had such nice examples of what to do when you get stuck or how to edit. There were samples of writers doing multiple drafts and other nice illustrations showing brainstorming examples or samples of different kinds of writing.

These topics will come up again and again as the kids write and it would be nice to refer back to the chart.  "Remember when we read that the library mouse had to write several drafts ..."  "When we read about the author who had such trouble coming up with ideas, what did he do?"

I also want to hang onto this list of Childrens' Books about Writing. I think it will also come in handy as we continue lessons on reading and writing.  Anytime the kids can read about what other authors do, I do believe it helps them internalize the process and identify themselves as writers.

  Unit Planning: Hold Onto the Chart and List of Books
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Go on a Writing Exploration!

Unit 1: Start 2nd grade off with Writing!
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify writing process stages and list ways that the work of other authors can help them improve their own writing.

Big Idea: Collaborate to explore the writing of other authors and improve your writing!

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