Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Watching 'Argo' - Section 3: Using DICE During the Movie


After strategic points in the movie it' s good to pause the movie so students can complete the DICE assignment.  Have them keep the DICE writings, and then compare these with a partner in the room, then ask the students if there are any points in the movie to clarify.  

Often students want to write their DICE reactions as the movie plays, but this will distract them from either their writing or the movie. Pausing the movie also helps students refocus if they've been drifting during the movie. I paused for writing breaks about every twenty to twenty-five minutes giving students about five to six minutes to write. 


  Writing During a Film
  Discourse and Questioning: Writing During a Film
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Watching 'Argo'

Unit 4: Bias and Accuracy in Historical Movies: Argo
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify historical discrepancies in a historical film

Big Idea: Are historical films educational or entertaining?

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English / Language Arts, historical referents, historical fiction, news sources, point of view, Argo, 'reading' film, bias, film, historical accuracy
  135 minutes
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