Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Identifying Symbolism in Interactive Read Aloud - Section 2: The Interactive Read Aloud



Behavior:  Just right spots.  Students sit in assigned spots. I am strategic where I place kids.  Closer to the front, in the middle of the rug verus on the perimeter, I'm aware of "next door neighbors"..etc. Call back signal from turn and talks- I consistently say," Readers, eyes and ears back up hear in 3....2...1." Then I wait.  This works well because while students are turning and talking I get down of the rug and make my way to a couple of partnerships and listen in and coach where necessary and ask them if they will be willing to share what they or their partner said.  They are happy to share and when I call them back they are the first to stop talking 'cause they know they are going to get to share their smart thinking.

Academic:  The turn and talks get kids a chance to try out ideas and talk with a partner, add on, revise their thinking etc.  Using the discussion prompts to deepen their discussions by having students do one of 4 things:

1. Restate what someone has said,

2.  Add On- to a comment,

3.  Explain using because... justify/prove with evidence

4.  Revise their thinking

Writing teaching point  and sentence frames on anchor chart- adding student ideas to chart with their name next to it.


In the student work samples Student work #3 and Student Work #5 you can see that I have a wide range of from emergent to proficient.  I keep that in mind when I create lessons.

  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiation
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Identifying Symbolism in Interactive Read Aloud

Unit 5: Using Mentor Texts
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT listen to a interactive read aloud, discuss, answer literal questions, and explore symbolism.

Big Idea: Identifying symbolism in Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting.

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