Reflection: Trust and Respect Expanding Horizons: Class Field Trip to Barnes & Noble - Section 3: Exploring the Shelves


This was so much fun!  The students had a great time on our walk and at the bookstore.  It really served the purpose of getting students excited about reading.  I have a clipboard full of titles they want to read.  I will include them in the resources section.

My plan to get some of these requested titles into the hands of my students is to write several Donor Choosegrants to fund them.  I also have lots of new books on my reading list too.

Another outcome of this lesson is to  organize a goal setting lesson for my students.  I can meet with students in their Strategy Groups ( about 4-5) kids approximately at the same reading level and guide them in setting goals for their reading.  Goals around number of books per week and specific titles they want to read.  This way, as soon as they finish one book-swoosh- they are off into their next book.  This is also an excellent way to have students read enough books at a particular level to move them to the next level.  I've included a "Laddering Across the Levels" form to help guide readers in their reading plan.

  Trust and Respect: Learning Centered Class Community
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Expanding Horizons: Class Field Trip to Barnes & Noble

Unit 3: Skills and Strategies
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: Students will be explore wide range of books from a variety of genres by visiting a bookstore.

Big Idea: Stimulate and Encourage Reading by visiting the Children's Section in a bookstore

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