Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Reading Outside of Class - Section 2: The Discussion


I will continue to build on this lesson to ensure that all my students are reading more than just the time in class.  I will check in daily with students I know struggle with the routine of reading outside of school.  

I will follow-up on today' lesson tomorrow by showing the students the new anchor chart I made that synthesized what they said in the discussion.

Building on this, I will demonstrate how to use a whiteboard to support reading at home.  I will relate this idea to what the student said whose mom uses the whiteboard strategy and hide the remote.

I want to expand my students possibilities of where they can read in the follow up lesson.  Right now, students are reading at Grandma's and at their house.  I want them to learn to carry a book with them at all times.  So they can find lots of places to read.

To stimulate this kind of thinking, I will show them a blog where adults weighed in on the places they read.

  Building Home and School Connections
  Diverse Entry Points: Building Home and School Connections
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Reading Outside of Class

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: SWBAT share where and when they read outside of class to extend reading outside of the boundaries of the classroom

Big Idea: Help students make a plan for "Reading Homework"

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